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Your health and your ageing are not pre-programmed. This means you can alter your personal prospects after age 50 in respect of how healthy you are, and how long you might live.

Even today the ageing process still baffles scientists, but breakthroughs in this understanding are coming through thick and fast.

There are a couple of things that are well established though. Individuals vary considerably, this means that you should take a personalised view of your position and avoid relying on general health advice. Another is just how fit, healthy and strong you can be at any age.

Put these two things together and if you know how, you can explore your own health in a completely unique way and take steps to improve your personal prospects for avoiding ill-health and living longer.

The key is to build your own personalised health and wellbeing plan, designed to reflect your unique characteristics, risks and personal biology.

This part of our site will help you learn how to do this.


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