“Humans living to 150”

“New drug that can allow people to love to 200 in development

In a post truth and fake news world it is easy to read these sorts of headlines, which you will find appearing more often, and conclude they are hype. They are not. They are based on research and the developing science, from the most reputable sources.

Nothing is concluded, or certain, but the trends are exciting, science is tackling ageing – and fast.

What is known, what is certain, TODAY is just how much you can impact your own prospects for wellness and fitness, and for increasing your own longevity.

You can make a major difference to all these – and you can start doing so at any age, it is never too late.

The science is already on top of this.

You can:

  • Reduce the speed at which you age
  • Reverse your current trendlines towards ill-health
  • Look, feel and become younger
  • Get fit or fitter

The benefits are immense.

You do this by following a simple co-ordinated approach as follows:

  • You have to understand your current health and fitness position, in fine detail – you do this through exploring tests and check-ups that tell you how you are
  • You must follow proven dietary habits that science has evidenced tackles ill-health and the development of chronic disease
  • You should work on your mindset, so that your entire experience of living is positive and healthy
  • You should work hard on your fitness, consistently exercising in exactly the right way for your body constitution and needs

Now, there may be other parts to this, but if you examine them closely you will find these are generally sub-sets of the  list above, so, for example, you may want to explore supplements – this will be an extension of your dietary development.

That list above, those four ticks, are all you need to do and they are steps and actions that anyone can take – at any age. They will radically change your lifespan and health span  numbers, meaning you will be far less likely to need hospital care, suffer ill-health and you will be more likely to live longer – probably a lot longer.